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Your offers

| How to make the offer | The form for the offer | How to fill in the form |

How to make your offer

1. On this page you can:

  • place an order on visiting of an exhibition in the creative workshop "Fairy stones";

  • place an order on arrival of our jeweller with an exhibition in office of your firm;

  • suggest to make wholesale purchase of our products;

  • offer us raw materials and the equipment for jeweller activity;

  • make the offer.

 2. Send us your offers, filling for every offer the form resulted below. If you need help in filling the form, look here>>>.

3. Except for filling of the form resulted below you can take advantage of any of the ways of communication(connection) resulted on a page Contacts (phone, E-mail, The guest book).

    Notes: If you are going to visit an exhibition at office of creative workshop "Fairy stones", print out, please, this special coupon on the discount. In case to you will want to get something from our products, the coupon will allow you to receive the discount of 5 %. 


The form for your offer

     Please pay attention, that the fields marked with an asterisk (*), are mandatiry for filling.

Your offer *
More details
Your name, your surname *
Your country, area, city (for the information)
Your E-mail address *
Your phone
Your ICQ number

The detailed description how to fill in the form of the order is listed below.

How to fill in the form with your offer

  Your offer *

Choose one of variants according to your intentions. If the suitable variant is absent, choose an option Another (specify below) and state essence in the following field More details - an obligatory field

More details Here you should describe in detail if necessary the offer, specify details, and also enter the offer completely if it is not chosen in the previous field
Your name, yoyr surname * Write your name and your surname for contact - an obligatory field
Your country, area, city (for the information) The name of the country, area and city where it is necessary to deliver a product (for example: Russia, Sverdlovsk region, Nizhny Tagil or - France, Marseilles)
Your E-mail address * Specify your e-mail address for contact - an obligatory field
  Your phone If you live in Moscow or inside Moscow area number of your phone is desirable for operative contact
Your ICQ number It is desirable to specify your ICQ number (if you already have it) - also for operative contact. If necessary it is possible to download program ICQ  from here>>>.
  Send your offer At correct filling the form with pressing of this button you send the offer to us
  Reset It is possible to clear the form with mistakes by pressing of this button to repeat the filling

| How to make the offer | The form for the offer | How to fill in the form |